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Master of biosignal analysis

RemoteA is a healthtech company specializing in cardiac data analysis, software services and remote diagnostic services, and is a certified medical device manufacturer.

We help patients get to treatment faster, healthcare to use their resources in a better way, and health and wellness operators to give more value to their customers.

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Our services are divided into three categories: SmartECG Platform, eHealth services and Cardiac analytics.

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RemoteA2 weeks ago
Aalto-yliopiston bioinformaatioteknologian opiskelijoiden ainejärjestö Inkubio vietti 15. vuosijuhlaansa eli apoptoosia 2.3.2019. ApoptoosiXV:n pääyhteistyökumppani oli RemoteA, ja yhteistyön kunniaksi opiskelijat tekivät RemoteAa esittelevän videon. RemoteA kiittää ja onnittelee!
RemoteA2 months ago
Onnea 15-vuotias @Inkubio - Aalto-yliopiston bioinformaatioteknologian ainejärjestö viettää juhlavuottaan mm. vuosijuhlien merkeissä 2.3.2019. - Congratulations Inkubio, student organization of bioinformation technology in Aalto University, for celebrating your 15th anniversary! As the main sponsor of the Annual Ball we wish you many happy returns.



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