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Improving Healthcare

RemoteA is a healthtech company specializing in cardiac data analysis, software services and remote diagnostic services, and is a certified medical device manufacturer.

We help patients get to treatment faster, healthcare to use their reources in a better way, and health and wellness operators to give more value to their customers.

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Our services are divided into three categories: SmartECG Service, eHealth services and Cardiac analytics.

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RemoteA10 hours ago
"So your service helps me as a Cardiologist to use less time to analyse long-term ECG data? I like that." -Yes! "So your service helps the clinic to use their ECG devices on a maximum level?" -Yes! - On a scale of 1 to 10, how good do you think it feels to hear from your target groups your exact arguments before you tell them and after presenting what SmartECG Service is all about? - Yes, 10+! We came for feedback and contacts to Rostock, Germany Health 2018 event and will head home with a happy heart. http://ow.ly/lSbP30ka4z3
RemoteA2 days ago
SmartECG Service aims to revolutionise the way cardiac symptoms are being diagnosed. With 1.5 million hours of cardiac data and 90,000 consultation reports we are developing a new algorithm-based tool and an advanced user interface to help healthcare professionals help patients. Read more here http://ow.ly/cRQR30k8IHp



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