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Relentless work for improved healthcare since 2002

Ever since our founding in 2002 we have strived to enable faster and more efficient diagnosis of patients. We set off with sleep apnea remote services, and today we are a well-established medical techonology company expanded to cardiac data analytics, versatile remote diagnostics services and medical devices. However, our story goes further beyond to the 1980’s where a persistent team of technical and medical professionals strived to develop executable sleep apnea diagnosis methods.

Behind many successes we can find individuals and teams with strong vision and determination, and that is the case here too. A young physicist Pekka Tiihonen joined a team working on neurophysiological diagnostics, especially EEG-telemetry, in a hospital at the eastern part of Finland bringing technical expertise to the team. At the time, sleep apnea analysis was quite rare and qualitative as the devices where based on expensive EEG-recorders, and therefore measuring and screening sleep apnea was unsystematic.

The team started to develop devices suitable to use at home. The first four-channel portable device was produced by Tiihonen’s team in 1989.

The sleep briefcase was able to identify clear sleep apnea cases but it was not possible to analyze and classify them precisely. At that time the embedded device operated independently and produced respiration signal curves after recording to Windows environment, says Tiihonen. After twenty years those raw curves have been reanalyzed and several scientific articles have been published.

The so called sleep briefcase was in use the following 14 years, while the team worked simultaneously to improve the accuracy and usability of it. Venla, the first sleep apnea device aimed entirely for home use was completed in 2002. Later Pekka Tiihonen started to work on his doctoral thesis “Novel Portable Devices for Recording Sleep Apnea and Evaluating Altered Consciousness”, which was published and accepted in 2009.

From sleep apnea to ECG and blood pressure remote analysis and algorithm expertise

As pioneers in remote diagnostics, we have thus far delivered over 170 000 ECG, sleep apnea or blood pressure consultation reports. Because of our extensive background as a distance diagnostics provider we have been able to accumulate a unique database of just the right kind of data to train our algorithms with.

We feel grateful for being a part of the tradition and the future of medical and technical scientific development, relentless strive for a better world. Ingenuity, responsibility and effectiveness are the values at the core of our business.

No less, it is in the RemoteA algorithm.

The key milestones

02/2002: Company was founded by Mr. Ossi Tiihonen to commercialize sleep apnea telemedicine platform

04/2005: Launching of the RemoteA´s ECG telemedicine consultation service in Finland

09/2007: Expansion to UK; breakeven point for consultation service

10/2009: Expansion to Sweden; database of 5000 ECG analysis reports; beginning of big data analysis and first software development

09/2013: First working prototype of SmartECG algorithm software

02/2016: Internal validation of the SmartECG algorithm; new consultation platform development; reached client base of 250 clinics

1/2017: Remote Analysis Oy was sold to Coronaria Terveyspalvelut. RemoteA continues to provide the software solution and telemedicine platform for Coronaria Analyysipalvelut Oy.

03/2017: RemoteA Oy has raised EUR 1.2 million in funding from the EU to develop SmartECG, an algorithm-based software product for automatically analysing ECG. Of the 104 ICT companies that applied for the funding, only four companies were chosen, with RemoteA receiving the highest scores

03/2018: Bittium Medanalytics Oy purchases RemoteA’s medical remote diagnostic service platform and the product rights of the related medical measurement devices and their interfaces. RemoteA concentrates on the development of cardiac analytics and the SmartECG Platform.

03/2019 The CE certification process is completed and the product meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Our next steps

2019 Piloting and launch of the SmartECG Platform 1.0

2020 Launch of the SmartECG Platform 2.0

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