A comment from our customer: “I can refer to this professional expert led service with authority”

A comment from our customer: “I can refer to this professional expert led service with authority”

Dr. Roger Brown, a private GP, has been using the RemoteA’s Remote Sleep Service Platform for two years at the Kingsbridge private hospital in Belfast and is very satisfied with the service. He especially appreciates the service being a professional expert service in a very specialised field.

GPs frequently meet patients with snoring problems and sleeping disorders. RemoteA’s Remote Sleep Service Platform is an easy and reliable way of diagnosing sleep apnoea, a condition that 1–6 percent of the population suffers from. Monitoring takes place at the patient’s home. The patient can easily set up the device just before going to sleep. During the night, data is collected from the person’s blood oxygen levels, breathing movements, the flow of air through the airways, heart rate, snoring and body position.

After the data is uploaded to RemoteA’s system, the specialist can either interpret the data on his/her own or use RemoteA’s Respiratory Specialist. The report includes treatment recommendations. Dr. Brown notes that, he has learnt more about sleep apnoea reporting:

“I like the format of the report that I get from the service. It contains all the needed details with a very concise and helpful summary to work from.”

Dr. Brown’s patients have been very positive about using the Remote Sleep Service Platform and he is able to better inform them on the cause of their symptoms.

“They feel reassured that they now know what is wrong with them and that something often can be done to help them!”

RemoteA has developed a remote monitoring and consultation services since 2002. Approximately 300 health care units in Finland (by Coronaria Analyysipalvelut Oy)Sweden and United Kingdom use RemoteA’s Remote Diagnostic Service Platform.

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