Press release 17.10.2017

SmartECG gives cardiac patients speedier access to treatment

RemoteA Ltd is developing a service called SmartECG, which speeds up diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and patient access to treatment. The service uses artificial intelligence. At the core of the service is RemoteA’s algorithm, which has been developed using the company’s extensive cardiological databank. The algorithm generates a high-quality automatic analysis that helps general practitioners diagnose heart symptoms in patients. If a diagnosis by a cardiologist is also needed, this can be provided more quickly. SmartECG significantly improves resource efficiency in healthcare. The service will come on the market in 2018.

SmartECG is a clinical decision-making tool that facilitates cooperation between general practitioners and cardiologists. It is based on an algorithm that automatically interprets ECG data, makes a preliminary selection of key results, and assists medical professionals in making diagnoses and determining treatment. The algorithm draws on 1.5 million hours of cardiogram data from a total of more than 90,000 patients.

“The foundation for SmartECG is our extensive experience in remote diagnostics services and our comprehensive algorithm expertise. Large amounts of data, more advanced algorithms and higher computing capacity enable us to create better tools to support general practitioners and specialists in their decision-making,” says Heikki Väänänen, RemoteA’s Head of Analytics.

The SmartECG service includes an automatic analysis and an option to consult a cardiologist. The general practitioner gets an automatic analysis a couple of minutes after downloading ECG data into the service. And if a specialist’s statement is needed, they can get it in just a few days. The analysis produced by SmartECG speeds up a specialist’s diagnosis by about 20 minutes per patient.

The purpose of the SmartECG service is to lower the threshold for examining patients. Patients suffering from palpitations, extrasystoles or similar symptoms will benefit from knowing whether their symptoms are signs of heart disease or are harmless. It often takes time for patients with heart symptoms to see a cardiologist, as there are too few specialists in the field. Waiting for too long may be life-threatening, and with SmartECG risk cases can be found more quickly.

The SmartECG service will be compatible with most (80%) of ECG monitoring devices. The medical validation process for the service will begin in spring 2018. Once the FDA and CE validation processes are completed, the service will be piloted with data produced by ambulatory ECG devices in autumn 2018, after which the service will come on the market.

SmartECG improves the efficiency of healthcare, as an increasing number of patients have access to high-quality heart monitoring. Physicians can examine patients more quickly and more thoroughly and frequently than with current solutions. RemoteA estimates that by 2020 a total of 10,000 general practitioners will be using the SmartECG solution, meaning that it will then serve about 800,000 patients each year.

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Heikki Väänänen, Head of Analytics, RemoteA Ltd, tel. +358 50 586 7460, heikki.vaananen(at)

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