Press release 8.1.2018: RemoteA invites healthcare professionals to develop the SmartECG service

RemoteA invites healthcare professionals to develop the SmartECG service

RemoteA invites healthcare professionals to develop the SmartECG service

RemoteA Ltd is developing a service called SmartECG, which speeds up diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and patient access to treatment. The service uses artificial intelligence. At the core of the service is RemoteA’s algorithm, which has been developed using the company’s extensive cardiological databank. In order to meet the needs of future users in the best way possible, RemoteA invites healthcare professionals to provide feedback and share their needs of the service already in the product development phase. The SmartECG panel starts in January 2018, and the SmartECG service will be piloted in late 2018.

All professionals in basic healthcare, be it general practitioners, nurses or healthcare centre leaders, who encounter cardiac patients in their work are welcome to join the SmartECG panel. Also cardiologists are invited to join.

Panel members will receive short online surveys to which they will respond. The topics include, for instance, developing analytics, diagnostics and the user interface. The panelists are invited to respond to the survey via e-mail, and participation is always voluntary.

“We want to invest in co-creation already in the product development phase so that we can refine our solution to best meet the needs of the users. I believe that our solution will make the treatment process of cardiac patients significantly faster and simpler,” says Heikki Väänänen who is in charge of product development.

SmartECG automatic analysis in a matter of minutes

SmartECG service combines automatic analysis and option to the cardiologist’s statement. With the service, general practitioners receive the automatic analysis within minutes from downloading the ECG data that supports in creating the diagnosis.

SmartECG makes healthcare more efficient as physicians can examine patients more quickly, thoroughly and frequently than with current solutions. The service

  • cuts average examination costs
  • lowers the threshold to examine more patients than before
  • helps general practitioners to diagnose their patients already in basic healthcare
  • directs only the cases requiring a specialist’s expertise for cardiologist’s statements
  • fastens the work of the cardiologist
  • significantly fastens the referral process for the patient.

RemoteA estimates that by 2020 a total of 10,000 general practitioners will be using the SmartECG solution, meaning that it will then serve about 800,000 patients each year.

Further information:

SmartECG Service

SmartECG Panel

Hannele Pulliainen, Marketing Manager, RemoteA Ltd, +358 44 355 5225, hannele.pulliainen(at)

Heikki Väänänen, Head of Analytics, RemoteA Ltd, tel. +358 50 586 7460, heikki.vaananen(at)

RemoteA Ltd is a privately owned Finnish medical technology company founded in 2002, which specialises in cardiac data analysis and electronic healthcare services and is also a certified medical device manufacturer. As pioneers in remote diagnostics, we have provided healthcare units in Finland, Sweden and the UK with a total of 170,000 ECG, sleep apnea and blood pressure remote analyses in the past fifteen years. We employ software, algorithm and business experts and cooperate with leading cardiologists.

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