SmartECG for cardiologists

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Make better use of scarce resources

Specialist treatment currently is and will continue to be the bottleneck in ECG monitoring. In 2012, approximately one third of doctors in the EU were aged 55 or over. According to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, from 2020 more than 60 thousand doctors (or 3.2 % of the current workforce) are expected to leave the profession each year.

At the same time, ageing populations are becoming a major challenge for the health sector in both the EU and elsewhere in the developed world. The demand for healthcare will increase dramatically, yet the proportion of people working in healthcare will likely stagnate or in some cases decline. This will result in staff shortages in certain medical specialisations or geographic areas.

Scarcer resources are best tackled with smarter treatment options – like SmartECG.

How the SmartECG Platform benefits cardiologists and specialists

SmartECG Platform has been granted CE mark for Class IIa medical device software.

During the piloting phase in late 2018, the SmartECG service will provide automatic analysis reports for Holter devices.

An event-ECG and a rest-ECG parameter will be available as part of the SmartECG service 2.0 by 2020.

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