SmartECG for device manufacturers

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Make your ECG monitoring devices more valuable to your customers

The SmartECG Platform is a new way to analyze long-term ECG data. It is an algorithm and service platform with which ECG data can be automatically analysed and interpreted.

The SmartECG Platform will help healthcare clinics to use the long-term ECG monitoring devices more efficiently to monitor more patients.

Are you interested in learning more on SmartECG and its benefits to you?

We will be happy to plan a win-win partnership with ECG monitoring device companies. Simply leave your contact information in the form below and we will be in touch.

We invite all ECG device manufactures to join our Open Platform Initiative

Our plan is to develop SmartECG Platform as on open platform, thus compatible with all potential long-term ECG monitoring devices. For ECG device manufacturers this means that the analysis can be produced from any device that SmartECG has access to.

Many ECG device manufacturers already have open data platforms, and those with closed data platforms we invite to our Open Platform Initiative.

In the piloting phase in 2019, the SmartECG Platform will provide automatic analysis reports from Holter monitoring devices, and by 2020 from event and rest ECG monitoring devices.

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