SmartECG for patients

SmartECG for patients 2018-03-14T11:01:08+00:00

Faster diagnosis, better treatment and potentially millions of saved lives

Living with a serious medical condition is stressful. For your peace of mind, you expect to be taken seriously, diagnosed quickly and referred for treatment without delays. You value deep knowledge from experienced healthcare professionals who provide simple pathways to health.

Patient Advocacy Groups are constantly monitoring the lengths of waiting lists and lobbying for ways to speed up treatment for heart patients. In many countries, 90 days is the maximum period allowed before secondary care is referred. But when best practices are adopted that timeline can be much shorter. Unfortunately, however, it often ends up being much longer…

SmartECG is a medically improved, top-quality way of diagnosing more patients

SmartECG is a top-notch service for diagnosing large numbers of patients who potentially have heart conditions. It’s a fast solution, providing an accurate analysis within minutes. SmartECG Service is a combination of an algorithm-based automatic analysis and an option for specialist’s consultation.

The SmartECG tool will be medically validated before we pilot the SmartECG service with our partners and customers in Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom in late 2018.

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