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Helps physicians diagnose heart conditions and get heart patients to treatment faster

Treating patients in the best possible way is the number one priority for you as a medical professional.

But you may lack quick and easy access to ambulatory long-term ECG monitoring devices at your clinic, or perhaps consultation times are so short that you need to refer your patients to secondary care and long wait times.

Often the standard process – where you need to ask for a specialist’s ECG consultation – could be managed more effectively. Instead of sending PDF consultation reports back and forth, you could spend more time on treatment. This is something that both you and your patients would appreciate!

What is SmartECG Platform

The SmartECG Platform is a top-notch service for long-term ECG monitoring and for diagnosing large numbers of patients who potentially have heart conditions. It consists of an algorithm-based automatic analysis report and an advanced web-based user interface. It’s a fast solution, providing an accurate analysis within minutes. The ECG record is uploaded to the software, analyzed automatically and the analysis results are available for viewing for physicians.

SmartECG Platform has been granted CE mark for Class IIa medical device software.

How the SmartECG Platform benefits the physicians

The SmartECG Platform is a reliable decision support tool for the physicians to make a diagnosis based on the ECG data of a Holter monitor.

In the piloting phase in 2019, the SmartECG Platform will provide automatic analysis reports from Holter monitoring devices: Bittium Faros 360, 180 and 90 (Bittium, Finland), DL 900 series digital Holter monitor (BioTelemetry, USA) or Holter devices that produce the following ECG data format: EDF.

SmartECG Platform has been granted CE mark for Class IIa medical device software.

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